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Founded on the goal of providing Middle Tennessee with affordable and quality HVAC services. Whether you need a maintenance check or an emergency repair on a heating or cooling unit, we are available to handle all of your all of your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. We strive to exceed your expectations by ensuring that each of our clients receives individualized service.

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We will work with you to find HVAC solutions that fit your heating and cooling needs. We will provide you with a full consultation to explain all of your available options so that you can choose the system that’s right for your home or business.

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Each member of our dedicated team of HVAC professionals has numerous years of experience in the field, and uses their individual experiences and education to provide homes and business across Middle Tennessee with the finest services available. From our no after-hours charge policy for residential customers to our top-notch refrigeration services for commercial customers, we are devoted to offering the best. HVAC services at the most affordable and fair price.

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HVAC repairs, installations and emergency service in middle Tennessee

If you are in need of quality heating and cooling repair or installation services in the Murfreesboro, TN area, look no further than the experts at Hatton’s HVAC Solutions.

Instead of dealing with subpar customer service and questionable repair or installation quality from the ‘leading’ HVAC brands, call the down-to-earth and honest heating and cooling specialists at Hatton’s HVAC Solutions. We will repair or install your HVAC system correctly the first time, and at a far more affordable rate than others in the business.

No after-hours charges! At hatton’s hvac solutions, we know that you lead a busy life. With your family and your work responsibilities, you may not be able to be home during typical business hours. This is why we do not charge after-hours fees. No matter the time of day, you’ll receive the same quality HVAC service at an affordable price.

We are a hardworking team dedicated to solving your commercial and residential HVAC problems. We provide the top heating and cooling service at the best price in Middle Tennessee.

By choosing us for all of your residential HVAC repair, installation and
emergency needs, you’ll receive the following benefits:

The team at Hatton’s HVAC Solutions is 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction and a job well done. We take pride in each HVAC repair, installation or emergency service we provide to customers throughout Middle Tennessee.

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Energy Saving Tips For All Seasons

Heating and cooling costs make up a significant portion of your energy bill each month. Ways in which to keep these costs down have double the benefit. By conserving energy when it comes to temperature, you’re saving your dollars and maintaining a healthier relationship with the planet.

Although there is some overlap, energy saving suggestions tend to change along with the seasons, so be sure to refer to the corresponding list in order to start saving energy and money today.

Hotter Months
Cooler Months

- Keep curtains and windows closed during the daytime to block out excessive sunlight.

- Keep your thermostat between 75-78 degrees Fahrenheit and turn it higher if no one will be home for an extended period of time.

- Turn off the lights and electronics when they’re not in use (suggested for both months, but especially useful during warmer weather).

- Try to avoid cooking with your oven and/or stovetop, if you are able.

- Make sure your home has proper insulation by repairing any leaks and/or damage.

- Change air filters on a monthly basis.

3 Terrible Heating Myths Busted

While the Middle Tennessee area has a few weeks until we really need to turn on the heat in our homes, there’s still plenty of homeowners who will make costly errors when it comes to their home HVAC system.

The problem with household myths is the part where they contain a slight bit of truth. Over the course of several years, the truth becomes mangled and takes on a completely new meaning in the form of a myth. Home HVAC systems are not immune to age-old myths either! Don’t fall for any of these home heating myths during the chilly autumn, winter, and even early spring seasons.

Many Murfreesboro homeowners believe that they’ll save truckloads of money if they turn off the heat when they are not home or are asleep. Unfortunately, this tactic can actually cause you to spend more money in the long run — especially with an outdated or broken down HVAC system.

By turning off your heating system, your entire system shuts down (naturally). This means that the minute you flick the switch or press a button to turn it back on, it will take a great amount of energy to get your home to your desired temperature. By allowing your heating system to properly maintain the heat in your home at all times, you will actually use less energy. Maintaining a specific temperature requires less overall energy than constantly booting up your heating system twice a day.


Making your thermostat spike all the way up to your desired temperature won’t make it heat up any faster. It will only take longer and heat your home for a longer period of time. If you cannot take the frigid temperature, find a blanket, a sweatshirt, warm socks, and a space heater if you have one and bundle up with a cup of coffee, tea, soup or even hot chocolate!

It is best to find your ideal home temperature and keep your thermostat set to that desired level of heat. If you shut off your heating and ramp it back up to 70 degrees or higher very quickly, you’ll be astonished at your energy bill! 

Over the past few decades, the technology available to our world has changed drastically. This includes the technology used to work on HVAC and home heating systems in Murfreesboro, TN. If you haven’t kept up with your annual HVAC inspections or have an incredibly old HVAC system, you could actually be using more energy than necessary to heat your home. 

Hatton’s HVAC Solutions of Murfreesboro, TN provides homeowners with the HVAC service they need — especially during the chilly fall and winter seasons. If you have an outdated or broken down heating system, you can trust the certified and experienced technicians from Hatton’s HVAC Solutions to take care of your problem in no time. 

We take pride in our ability to help Murfreesboro homeowners stop paying an arm and a leg for their monthly energy bills and stopping damaging heating myths in their tracks. Call us today for more information on correctly heating your home and with any HVAC problems or questions you may have.

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Types of Air Conditioning Units

When looking for the right HVAC system, you may be overwhelmed by all the different options. It might feel like you will never find the right unit with so many different systems to choose from. However, we have taken the time to break it down into much simpler terms to make research a bit easier for you. Take a look at the four main types of HVAC systems to figure out which one will work best for you.

This system is the most common of the four main types of HVAC systems mainly because it works well for both big and small houses. Each system contains components found both inside and outside of the house that work together to ensure your house reaches an ideal temperature. Such components are:

  • An air conditioner that cools the refrigerant
  • Furnace
  • A fan or evaporator coil that converts the refrigerant and circulates air
  • Ducts that carry air throughout your building
  • A thermostat
  • Air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers, and UV lamps are optional

While heating and air conditioning split systems are the more popular choice, hybrid heat split systems are quickly on the rise. The main difference between these two units is that the hybrid lets you switch your heat pump to be used for electricity instead of gas. Although it may not seem like a major upgrade from the other units, having the option to switch fueling sources can save you money in the long run. The system includes:

  • A heat pump to cool or heat the refrigerant
  • Furnace
  • A fan or evaporator coil that converts the refrigerant and circulates air
  • The ducts to channel the air around your building
  • A thermostat
  • Air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers, and UV lamps are optional

In the event that your house or business does not have the room for the different components in a split system, a packaged system may be your best option. The unit can cover your entire home, or a single space depending on what you need, and is always located outside. The system includes:

  • The air conditioner/heat pump together with the evaporator/fan coil in one unit
  • Thermostat for control of the system
  • Air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers, and UV lamps are optional

The final may sound odd, but it is true that some places do not need ducts. If you fall into this category, having a duct-free split system will probably work best for you. It is an efficient system that can help reduce energy and cost for you. The system includes:

  • A heat pump or air conditioner to heat/control refrigerant
  • A compact fan coil
  • Wires and tubing for refrigerant that connect to the outdoor unit to the fan coil
  • A thermostat
  • Air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers, and UV lamps are optional