Top Myths About Your Heating System Debunked

Because the weather in Tennessee is known for fluctuating from warm to cold temperatures, especially during this time of the year when spring is around the corner, chances are you will have to use your heater at some point. However, many Middle Tennessee homeowners feel that it isn’t necessary or are scared to because of myths they have heard in the past. Because of this, will make costly errors. The problem with these household myths is the part where they contain a slight bit of truth. Over the course of several years, the truth becomes mangled and takes on a completely new meaning in the form of a myth. Don’t fall for any of these home heating myths during the chilly autumn, winter, and even early spring seasons. Instead, take a look at the truth below.

Myth 1: Your Shouldn’t Turn Off the Heat During the Day/Night

Many homeowners believe that they’ll save truckloads of money if they turn off the heat when they are not home or are asleep. Unfortunately, this tactic can actually cause you to spend more money in the long run — especially with an outdated or broken down HVAC system.

By turning off your heating system, your entire system shuts down (naturally). This means that the minute you flick the switch or press a button to turn it back on, it will take a great amount of energy to get your home to your desired temperature.

By allowing your heating system to properly maintain the heat in your home at all times, you will actually use less energy. Maintaining a specific temperature requires less overall energy than constantly booting up your heating system twice a day.

Myth 2: Turning the Thermostat Up Quickly Will Heat Your Home Faster

Making your thermostat spike all the way up to your desired temperature won’t make it heat up any faster. It will only take longer and heat your home for a longer period of time. If you cannot take the frigid temperature, find a blanket, a sweatshirt, warm socks, and a space heater if you have one and bundle up with a cup of coffee, tea, soup or even hot chocolate!

It is best to find your ideal home temperature and keep your thermostat set to that desired level of heat. If you shut off your heating and ramp it back up to 70 degrees or higher very quickly, you’ll be astonished at your energy bill!

Myth 3: A Heating System Will Work Perfectly Regardless of Age or Technology

Over the past few decades, the technology available to our world has changed drastically. This includes the technology used to work on HVAC and home heating systems in Middle Tennessee. If you haven’t kept up with your annual HVAC inspections or have an incredibly old HVAC system, you could actually be using more energy than necessary to heat your home.

Hatton’s HVAC Solutions of Murfreesboro, TN provides homeowners with the HVAC service they need for any season. If you have an outdated or broken down heating system, you can trust the certified and experienced technicians from Hatton’s HVAC Solutions to take care of your problem in no time. Call us today for more information on correctly heating your home and with any HVAC problems or questions you may have.