3 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill In the Summer

Let’s face it – summertime in Middle Tennessee can be brutal, and if this last winter taught us anything, it’s that extreme temperatures can really drive up a utility bill.

While lines at the beach stretch endlessly, you may find that the best way to beat the heat is by just sitting on the couch and enjoying the cool air being pumped out of your air conditioning system. This comes at a cost, unfortunately, as the hotter it is outside the harder and more often your air conditioner must run to keep your home cool. This results in a higher utility bill, meaning in the dead heat of summer you may have to decide between paying to keep cool or staying frugal and sweating it out.

Luckily, there are some ways to lower the cost of running your air conditioning so that you can stay comfortable without breaking the bank.

Reduce Your Use

One great way to cut down on energy use is to use less energy – specifically unnecessary energy.

When you are going to be away for some time or even at night when you’re sleeping, raising the temperature on your thermostat can save you up to 15% on your energy bill each month. Why pay for the cool air you’re not using?

If you are going to be away from your home, don’t allow your system to continue cooling for no reason. Set a reminder on your phone to turn the air up every morning before you leave to go to work!

Throw Some Shade

Does your house have a lot of windows? Sunlight that shines through a window is a direct source of heat that can make your home very uncomfortable.

Blinds and curtains are great at cooling down rooms with windows, and planting thick, leafy plants to provide shade for the window can help even more. Trees with numerous branches are worth the initial cost when you consider how much you will save in the long run on power.

As well as shading windows, you should also plan to provide some shade for your air conditioning unit – a cooler system runs much more efficiently.

Circulate the Air

When it comes to fans, the answer isn’t more fans, but strategically placed fans. The goal is to circulate air through your home – not just create a windstorm.

For those who live in a two-story house, you should have fans running on the upper level while opening windows on the lower level. Single-floor homes could benefit from smarter fan placement as well; just keep windows near the fan closed and those far away open, giving the breeze somewhere to escape.

Air passing over your skin results in better evaporational cooling and helps evaporate sweat from your body.

Local Air Conditioning Experts

If you experience any problems with your air conditioning this summer, contact Hatton’s HVAC in Murfreesboro to get repairs underway and have your home cooled off ASAP!