6 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Winter

During the winter time, you are more cooped up in your home to avoid the harsh cold weather. Rather than opening up the windows to let the fresh air in, you are probably going to be tucked away trying to stay warm. When this happens, make sure your air quality is at its best since you will be breathing it in all season long. Here is what you should consider so your home is breathable for you and your household.

Clean Your Vents and Ceiling Fan Blades

Over time dust can collect in all sorts of places, especially your vents. Since this is where the HVAC blows your air from, make sure that it is clear of any debris that could pollute the area. Luckily, it’s a simple fix to clean up the vents. Simply wipe it down with a rag and dusting spray or use a vacuum to suck up the residue. It doesn’t take long to have everything cleaned up but you should make note to perform this task at least once a week. Especially if you have a furry friend in your home that sheds frequently.

Have A Professional Come Out

Dust and allergens tend to harvest in areas you can’t see. If you can’t see it, you probably can’t clean it either. Thankfully there are professionals who know what to look for and where to find it so they can get it cleaned up for you. With their special vacuums, sprays, and gentle disinfectants, you will notice a significant change in your air quality for the better.

Replace Your Filters

Your filters are your first line of defense against bad air quality by taking in dust, pollutants, pet dander, and more. If the filter gets too clogged with particle pollution, air can’t pass through correctly causing your HVAC system to fail. When that happens, you could be faced with serious issues that over time can damage your health. Have your filters changed every month or two, especially in the winter time when you spend most of your time inside. Be sure to take note of when you last changed out your old filter so you know when it’s time to replace it with the new.

Add an Air Filtration System

Having an air filtration system can really help out the quality of your air exponentially by filtering out the microscopic particles that could exist in your HVAC system. This easy installation can be performed by your local professional in one quick session. On top of making sure your air stays clean, it also helps out your HVAC system to make it more efficient and last longer.

Go Green

If you are not looking to invest in an air filtration system, no worries! You can go an alternate route by adding plants inside your home. Not only do they make the place look better, but some plants also help air quality. Some air-purifying indoor plants include aloe vera, bamboo palm, Boston ferns, and more. Such plants are known to remove harmful pollutants such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and benzene.

Clean Smart

Consider investing in new cleaning products such as a better vacuum or microfiber dust mops. A better vacuum can suck up more dust and a microfiber dust mop will reach areas you may not be able to with other products. Also, try washing your bed sheets and blankets more often so that they too are dust-free.

Have further questions on how to get your home’s air quality in peak condition this winter? Give Hattons a call. We can help you any season.