Avoid Summer AC Issues with These 3 Tips

As temperatures grow warmer in Middle Tennessee, you are probably turning your AC on more frequently. After a long period of cold and mild temperatures, the increased sunshine is a welcome sight, but your HVAC system might not be as ready for the change as you are. These simple tips should help you protect your AC system through this year’s transition – and for the long run!

Change Air Filters

This is one of the simplest and most basic HVAC maintenance tips, yet people forget about it every year…to the detriment of their system. After working to keep your home warm all winter, your filters are likely dirty and in need of changing. Dirty filters cause your AC system to work overtime to cool your home. This kind of stress on the system can lead to premature failure. Basically, if you do not change your air filters you’re putting your family at greater risk of having your AC go out in the summer heat. No one wants that!

Turn It Off Sometimes

Want to extend the longevity of your AC system and save money on your bill? Don’t leave the air at full blast constantly! No one wants to be constantly adjusting the AC, but if you are leaving the house for a few hours consider turning the AC off temporarily. A surprisingly common cause of AC breakdown is overuse, and by being careful with your air use, you can avoid costly failures.

Schedule an Inspection

Only your HVAC professional can tell if there are underlying issues within your system that could threaten its operation for the summer. Issues such as dirty or clogged vents and condenser coils, or damaged pipe insulation can all contribute to AC failure and leave you in a bad place. Having an inspection performed now, before the summer busy period, is a great way to protect your home for the upcoming months.

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