Electric vs Gas Heating & Cooling: Weighing the Pros and Cons

When replacing an existing heating and air unit, every person must face the big question: electric or gas? If you experienced many issues with whichever type you previously had, you may choose to lean towards the other option. To help you make a decision between electric vs gas, we’ve made a list of all the pros and cons of each type of unit.

Electric Heating & Cooling

One of the main reasons people choose electric air conditioning is that it is typically quieter, more durable, and lower risk than gas units. Also, the initial cost is cheaper. Even though a gas system will save them money in the long run, it’s hard to look past the initial investment cost along with the quicker install time of an electric unit.

But if you had a gas unit previously and choose to go electric, you will probably see your bill go up, especially during the winter. Electric units are best for warmer climates. Once it gets cold, they have to work harder to produce heat and will never get quite as warm as a gas unit will. With electric heating, you may even find that the air is cold at the beginning and end of the air’s cycle. Many people will end up having to get some sort of backup heat to keep the house warm during harsh winter temperatures.

Gas Heating & Cooling

The best part about gas heating is that it is cheaper to operate and will heat a home faster. It also operates well in extremely cold conditions.

Gas does come with its disadvantages. The initial cost is more and the life span less than that of electric air. The most you will get from a gas unit is anywhere between 10 and 20 years. Gas also comes with more risk than electric because of possible fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisonings. However, all these risks can be avoided with annual maintenance and installing a carbon monoxide detector within the home. By following these precautions, the risks of a gas unit aren’t likely to ever be an issue.

Based on these pros and cons between electric vs gas air units, there is no set answer to say which is better. It depends on what you value more. Initial cost or long-term cost? Struggling heat or strong heat? Once you’ve decided between electric vs gas, give us a call at 615.594.3739 for an estimate on your unit or to ask us any more questions that may help you decide.