How to Save Money on Your A/C Bill This Summer

How to Save Money on Your A/C Bill This Summer

With spring now here, summer is right around the corner and with it comes increased cooling bills as we all try to beat the heat. Summer months are often the most expensive when it comes to energy costs. Below are some tips on how to beat the heat without breaking the bank.

Raise that Thermostat

Here is a no brainer. If you can stand the heat that a slight increase in raising your thermostat brings, then you’ll save some money. Typically each degree you raise the thermostat will decrease your utility bill by around 4%. This can be especially useful when you leave your house for long periods at a time. Your pets can stand a few degrees of heat and you’ll save money.

Use Fans

It takes less energy to power fans that can keep you cool than to power your A/C to cool your entire home. While it may have a high initial cost, installing fans in every room can reduce energy costs for years to come. If this is outside of your budget, simple floor fans should suffice, keeping air in your home moving and cool. Make sure your floor fans are rotating the correct way: counter clockwise. This will push air down and create a cool breeze.

Open Windows to Create a Draft

When it’s cooler outside, such as in the evenings, you should leave windows open to create a draft. You’ll be able to turn your A/C off and save lots of money. Usually it’ll be colder in the morning, but if you can  stand to wear warmer clothes during this time, you’ll save money. Be sure to keep an eye on the outside temperature, and as soon as it is hotter than your home’s temperature, turn your A/C back on.

Close Unused Areas of Your Home

If there are areas of your house you don’t use, close the vents in these rooms and then close the doors to these rooms. Fewer rooms to cool means less work for your A/C and more money you’ll save in energy costs.

Seal any Cracks

If you notice hot air seeping in around windows, the sealing around them may be worn down or improperly installed. You can remedy this with caulk and a caulking gun. If you have closed off unused areas of your home, you maybe find that hot air is seeping in at the bottom of your doors. This can be remedied with rolled up towels, or you could purchase door sealers. These can also help keep warm air in during the winter months.

Change Air Filters

Regularly changing or cleaning your air filters will not only keep your air clean but also reduce the workload of your A/C as it won’t have to force air through dirty filters.

Turn Off Halogen and Incandescent Lights

Not only will this reduce utility costs, but it can also help reduce the workload of your A/C. Halogen and incandescent lights actually produce much more heat in wattage than they do light. Keeping these lights off will save you money.

Following these tips will help you reduce the workload of your A/C and reduce utility costs. Reducing the workload should also reduce wear and tear and keep your A/C running longer before it breaks down. In case it does break down, call Hatton’s HVAC Solutions for all your repair needs, and if you’re wondering how to reduce energy costs this fall, check out our blog here.