Why Isn’t My Heat Working?

Brrr. It’s cold in here. Your heat is out, but do you know why? Call your HVAC company, drag out the blankets and space heaters, and let us tell you a few possibilities of why your heat is not working.

The Thermostat is Malfunctioning

The thermostat sends signals to the furnace that tell it when to heat up or cool down. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it will send incorrect signals to the furnace, making your heat shut off when it’s not supposed to. It’s also important to check the thermostat’s power. There could be an interruption to the power source, or even dead batteries if you have a battery powered thermostat.

Gas or Power Issues

If your heater is gas powered, the issue could lie there. The unit could be out of gas, or the pilot light may have gone out. This could be due to a draft or a faulty igniter. You can try to turn the unit off, leave it for several minutes, then turn it on again. This may help solve the issue, but if not it is best to call in one of our professionals.

The Filters Are Dirty 

Maybe the warm air is flowing, but something is preventing it from reaching you. This is probably dirty filters. Filters collect dust and debris, and if they have not been changed in a while, they will end up blocking the air flow rather than improving the air quality. Clean filters keep air flowing efficiently, and it is essential to change your filters regularly. This is especially true if you live with pets.

Clogged or Leaking Ducts

Another reason your heat isn’t working is that the air ducts may be clogged or have leaks. These issues will restrict air flow and, in the case of leaks, let the warm air escape. We do not advise checking your ducts yourself – give us a call if you believe there is an issue and one of our professionals can properly inspect your system.

Blower Motor Issues

The blower motor is the component that moves the warm air throughout your house. If the furnace is on but no air is flowing, the issue could lie with the blower motor. If the blower motor is dirty, the heat exchanger could overheat and fail. The motor’s belt could need replacement or the entire unit could need replacement. Your HVAC professional can determine what is needed.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Many of these issues that lead to loss of heat can be avoided by keeping up with maintenance to your HVAC system. Regular maintenance reduces stress on the furnace and saves you money over time by reducing the need for costly emergency repairs. The professionals at Hatton’s HVAC make it easy for you to enjoy your home without worrying about the heat going out. But if it does, give us a call and we will be over ASAP to figure out the problem.